YINGXIN Accounting is a long-lasting financial firm which provides a wide range of financial services including accounting, mortgage.


At YINGXIN Accounting, we are dedicated to building a close relationship with our clients which enable us to have a knowledge of your situation and offer customized tax advice for you. We are serving as your agent with the Australian Taxation Office for anything associated with your taxation affairs, ensuring that all your compliance obligations are met.

YINGXIN offers a full range of taxation and accounting services from general tax advice to detailed tax effective planning and more:

  • Individual Tax Returns Lodgement
  • Business Tax Returns Lodgement
  • Trust and Self Managed Super Fund Tax Return Lodgement
  • PAYG and superannuation compliance
  • Tax planning and minimisation
  • Capital gains taxation planning
  • Company and Trust Registration

Our enthusiastic team are eager to utilise their expertise to free you from the complicated tax issues and effectively manage your tax burdens. Paying tax is a good thing, it means you are making money/profits. Our role at YINGXIN is to ensure that you don’t pay any more than necessary. We encourage you to come and meet us early for preparing and lodge your tax returns.



Whether you are buying your first home or the next one, investing or refinancing, we will investigate the mortgage market to find out the most suitable mortgage product for you, solve all your problems, prepare the paperwork and lodge your application to the bank with our recommendations. We will keep track of the lenders and keep all parties informed up to date with progress all the way through to settlement, making the process as smooth as possible. The mortgage market is becoming increasingly complex, with thousands of different products and different lenders frequently changing their policies and pricing in line with their appetite for business. Given this, one of the best things you can do when buying property is to work with an expert. It’s never too early to chat with our experienced mortgage brokers.

We are offering mortgage services concerning:

  • Residential Loan
  • Trust Loan
  • SMSF Loan
  • Commercial Loan
  • Commercial Property Loan