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Individual Tax Return

With more than 60 years of experience in the taxation industry, we can help you with everything from a basic PAYG tax return to complex investment-related returns.

We help you stay up to date with all your tax returns, from managing deductions to keeping track of all expenses and informing you of relevant changes to Australian taxation law. We have a long track record of assisting individual clients in preparing and lodging their tax returns, with a focus on achieving the best possible outcome.

We work with individuals from a wide range of salary levels and with many different goals, guiding them through the taxation process to achieve the best results possible on their tax return. We help to avoid unexpected tax bills and keep our clients in the ATO’s good books.

At YINGXIN, we know that each client is unique, an individual who deserves focus and niche solutions to their problems. We treat everyone as a premium account and will collaborate with you to ensure the expertise and advice you are receiving is exactly what your need.

Make an appointment by contacting our office at (02) 9264 8988. Meet with one our tax experts and we will help you keep your taxes in order.

Business Tax Return

Don't mind your own business 

We give you a level of security for your business that you won't find anywhere else, and we're here to help you with every decision surrounding business tax. It is important to remain fully tax compliant. Your company's individual needs are unique and we can help you take care of your tax.

Working with us will pay dividends beyond simply minimizing tax and watching budgets.

Effective Tax Management

YINGXIN will assist you in setting up and introducing effective tax management processes at any step in your business. Ensuring that your business is ready to meet the ATO’s requirements is best done when starting your business, but we can also help when enacting these steps at later dates.

Business Tax and More

Looking after the company tax return for your business is one of the most crucial tasks for your accountant. We can make this process as streamlined and headache free as possible, ensuring that your return is lodged and that all paperwork is correctly filled and filed.

Trust and SMSF Tax Return

Australian taxation law is among the most complex in the world, and SMSF tax is one of the most difficult areas.

Some taxpayers go it alone, managing their SMSF and all their tax returns without any expert help – and they often pay for it later when an unexpected ATO assessment hits them with thousands in taxes owing.

An SMSF tax problem can erase the valuable gains made within a super fund. That could be a disaster for you, as an investor and as a future retiree.

YINGXIN SMSF tax return team makes sure your Self-Managed Super Fund is ATO-compliant and their goal is to minimise your taxes, so you have more to retire on later.

Business Structuring and Registrations

At YINGXIN we can help you start up and register your business entities. It’s important to remember to seek our advice on the range of business entities on offer that will best suit your needs depending on your personal circumstances and future goals.

We can assist you to register Self-Managed Super Funds, Company’s, Trusts, Partnerships and other entities depending on your needs.

Each entity has different implications and accounting methodology that is required at the end of each year. Some allow for greater flexibility than others in terms of the distributions of funds to trustees and beneficiaries.

We can guide you into establishing smart business structures that will work for you. You may find that the best solution to use a company as a business structure; trusts could be a better alternative for your needs. We can register these entities on your behalf to make sure you set up structures that protect assets and minimise tax implications.

Call YINGXIN today to find out more. We are the experts in restructuring and developing strategies to best manage business process that is aligned with your needs and requirements both from a business perspective and for personal wealth.

  • The best advice to establish and manage entities to better manage wealth in terms of added flexibility in the distribution of funds
  • We can register a range of entities from Self-Managed Super Funds, Company’s, Trusts, Partnerships and more depending on your needs.  YINGXIN Accountants to see what works best for you.
  • We can offer ongoing management of your entities to help you create a stable financial future with minimal complications and unnecessary costs.
  • We understand the best solutions for your circumstances and forecast the best solution for what you wish to achieve in the future.